mysupply strongly believe in giving back to people in need.
myfoundation is a program set up by mysupply with a mission to create opportunities so people can enjoy their world no matter where that is.
We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the community and to help improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people throughout the world.
We want to fulfil our mission by developing enduring partnerships that share a similar goal to us whether they are a project, organisation, foundation or charities here in Australia or abroad.
We’d love to support innovative community programs that have the potential to achieve real social impact.

Currently we support the ESG Foundation who work with many projects including ‘The Great Big Project’ whose mission is to raise funds worldwide to develop much needed facilities in third world countries. You can learn more about what they do at

When establishing a new business relationship with our ‘myfoodservice’ customers we offer the option to donate their old stock on behalf of our customer to an organisation. One organisation we’ve donated to in the past is ‘Fareshare’ who provide free, tasty, nutritious meals to Victoria’s hungry using donated food not needed by supermarkets, farmers and markets. This means we safely remove other branded chemicals along with additional products off site and donate to Fareshare who gladly use the products to benefit their non-profit operation.
Learn more about Fareshare at

We are currently researching and seeking new partnerships so we can direct our assistance.
We encourage your thoughts; any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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We believe that doing good is also good for business.
Enjoy your products, your business and your every day. Enjoy your world.