Our Environment

mysupply believes that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. 
We manage our business in a manner that minimises the impact of our activities, products and services on the environment.
We encourage our business partners, staff, suppliers and customers to join us in this effort.


mysupply recognises our key impacts on the environment to be in the areas of:

- Product Choice
- Energy Use
- Waste Generation
- Transport


We continue to strive to:

- Aim to include environmental and ethical consideration in product and supplier selection where appropriate

- Purchase and use sustainable products within the facility wherever feasible
- Minimise Energy use through electricity and gas use
- Minimise waste through recycling
- Continue an environmentally sound transport strategy and use of ‘cleaner’ delivery fleet
- Maintain efficient delivery schedules
- Train employees in good environmental practise and encourage employee involvement in environmental action


  • We don’t believe that tree’s should be cut down for the sole intention of making toilet tissue or paper towel. Ideally it should be recycled a few times before reaching our washrooms.

    We choose to supply toilet tissue and paper towel products that are manufactured with 100% recycled fibre.
    These products also contain post-consumer waste and are manufactured without chlorine, chlorine derivatives or any other potentially harmful chemicals. In addition, during the manufacturing process, the water used has been recycled. 

  • True Blue Chemicals have developed a True Green Range of Chemicals which is not only safer on the environment but also has powerful effectiveness.

    Independently accredited, the True Green range meets the stringent criteria of the ‘RecognisedTM Environmental Credentials Scheme’ for environmentally preferable products as licensed by ACCORD.

    All True Green products are highly concentrated, come with the added benefit of the Safelock closed loop system and contains ingredients that are safer, sustainable and biodegradable. 

  • We also offer our customers a portfolio of environmentally responsible hand hygiene products that encourage healthy habits, support your green cleaning efforts and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

    The product lines include hand sanitisers, hand soap, lotion soap and hand, hair & body wash with a third party certification.

    All refill pods are made from PET plastic making them recyclable after use.

    They have been evaluated and meet the standards for being environmentally responsible without sacrificing product performance.







For more information on a products ‘green’ value please read the product description or contact us at enquiries@mysupply.com.au

Enjoy your product choices that benefit our world.