DFA100 is a concentrated foaming, grease releasing cleaner developed especially for kitchens, restaurants, abattoirs and all food processing industries. DFA100 breaks down fatty grease build-ups faster and easier than any other type of cleaner, and is specially formulated to penetrate and cut through proteins, fats, grease, vegetable oil, blood and soap scum on all hard surfaces. DFA100 can be applied with mops, high pressure sprays, foam sprayers or manually. DFA100 when used in conjunction with a pressure / washer foamer, leaves a heavy layer of penetrating and emulsifying foam on all types of surfaces found in food processing areas such as kitchens, abattoirs, food processors - anywhere food is being prepared, packaged, stored or served. Highly recommended for removal of heavy fat deposits on floor, rotisseries, hot plates and stainless steel kitchen fittings.

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